Bay State Physical Therapy is located in Kingston, MA, making it a frequented spot for pain relief.

We have a highly experienced team of physical therapists who offer specialized treatment services for any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be feeling. We specialize in aquatic therapyback & neck painbalance disordersvestibular rehabilitationcupping, ergonomicsgait disordersgeriatric physical therapyheadache & dizzinessInstrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM),  Kinesio taping® method, muscle & joint pains/strains, myofascial releaseneurological rehabilitation, orthotic fitting, pediatric physical therapypost-concussionpost-surgical rehabilitation, running injuries, spinal manipulations, sports medicine & orthopedics, stroke/CVA, swimming injuries, TMJ,  whiplash & motor-vehicle related injuries, and work-related injuries.

We offer chiropractic services through Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation 


186 Summer Street
Kingston, MA 02364
At Kingsbury Club & Spa
Phone: 781-585-8588
Fax: 781-585-1279

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying

“Liz was excellent, very sensitive and caring. She knew that she had to design a plan that would be very gradual and yet would build up my strength. It was not easy, but she did a superlative job. I feel stronger and equipped to carry out the plan and move forward. Thank you so much! I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Liz and Bay State to my friends.”

“Everyone was great…Erin was incredible, she explained things well.I understood what and why I was doing things. Definitely recommend your services.”

“Should you ever need them, the team of Physical Therapists here are exceptional! They are truly dedicated to improving your quality of life. They were key to getting me back on my feet after my knee surgery.”

“With my experience at Bay State Therapy I have experienced all positives and no negatives. Suffering from severs disease ( when your bones are growing to fast for your muscles so they are always getting pulled on). My ankles and Achilles tendon were always in pain. By the way I’m a kid writing on my moms account. But when I came to physical Therapy I felt a incredible change with my condition. I was able to run for longer periods of time. I was always less sore after everything I do. I am very Grateful that my physical therapist Jen who always motivated me to do better and always had a smile on her face. Also I never got bored of physical therapy and was always motivated to do better than I did the last time. As a result I am more flexible and my legs even got stronger. And Jen also taught me you have to be patient and you have to want to get better to achieve your goal. Thank you Jen for everything for me, I will always remember you.”

“Thanks to Jennifer Connell PT, DPT, and her team at Bay State Physical Therapy of Kingston for the great therapy. I was able to improve my strength, stability and endurance. I will definitely return following my Right Knee Replacement. I’d highly recommend Bay State for anyone needing PT. Thanks again Jen!”

“Went to Bay State after hip replacement and shoulder impingement and Steve Harris was excellent. Very knowledgeable and attentive to detail made my recovery fast and helpful. I would recommend Bay State to anybody!”

“I have just completed 12 weeks of physical therapy at Bay State Physical Therapy, Kingston, Ma. My experience was extremely positive and successful!I have had physical therapy at several other practices and found this experience to be the best. Due to the injury and my physical condition, my Doctor had recommended aqua therapy to start off. Baystate has a great pool and the aqua therapy and swimming provided a great start to the restorative, healing and strengthening processes. I then progressed to regular physical therapy and deep massage therapy. The staff was the key component in making this such a positive and successful endeavor. They include the patient in the strategic planning of their therapeutic program. They are with the patient throughout the sessions keeping your physical exercise at optimal level and appropriate to the patient’s condition and limitations. Rene was my therapist and I cannot say enough good things about her. Her kindness and caring for her patients was only surpassed by her therapeutic ability and professionalism! The other therapists also demonstrated many of these same attributes! I would highly recommend Baystate to any friends or family (and try to get Rene assigned to them)!”

“I was nervous, after a badly broken RIGHT ankle, that I would never walk quite right again. Slowly, gently and with professional skill, my therapist, Liz Carr, worked with me to regain both my confidence and my full range of motion. She taught me so much about patience and persistence as I regained my ability to walk on that damaged foot.”

“The receptionist greets everyone with a polite smile gives you the required directions to which work area you will be using today. The Therapists welcomes you, ask you how you are feeling, were there any problems after your last session and proceeds to tell you what activities you are going to do during today’s session. Each activity is explained in full, your adherence to the correct method of the activity is observed and adjusted if required. They always ask you how you are doing, any problems, pain or difficulty performing the prescribed activity? As my problem is balance, whenever I had to do an activity while standing, she was always there standing next to me to be certain I do not fall but encourages me to do the activity without concerns of past problems but only of how the activity would make the quality of my life better for me and my family. My Physical Therapist Jennifer Connell monitored, encouraged and caused me to want to get the skills I will need every day if I want to live it at the max
This was my second session of P.T. Bay State and I can’t believe how I continued to improve and progress to my goal of being able to continue to live my life without any fear of accomplishing things I used to take for granted before my Spinal stenosis started to cause a sundry of problems. I stand, walk, participate in activities I had avoided due to stability and movement difficulties. If you are seeking an establishment to address a problem, I strongly advise you to go to Bay State Physical Therapy as they have a number of locations in Eastern Massachusetts. But I have a special appreciation for the staff at the Kingston, MA location.”

“I’ve seen Jen for a few injuries and issues over the last 3 years. She is always kind, informative and pleasant to work with and she’s goes to bat on your behalf with your insurance if she thinks you need more visits. She’s thorough and genuinely cares about your progress and comfort. Can’t say enough good things.”

“Jen has fixed me a few times over the years, and as rough as it can be to be injured, once you walk in the BSPT you immediately feel like there is a plan and the you’re going to get better. You work one-on-one with a PT and never get passed off to an assistant as in other practices. These are outstanding, caring, committed professionals who bring tremendous optimism and hope to their clients. Jen has gone above and beyond for me over and over. I cannot say enough about how hard they work for you.”

“I saw Jen for neck and lower back problems.  She was extremely knowledgeable and great to work with.  I would highly recommend her!”

“I went and had the Jen C experience for my rotator cuff she was caring knew what to do to help get loose and back into the swing of everyday life. Would definitely go back if necessary.”

“I’ve been treated at Bay State twice, once for a torn meniscus and most recently for a total knee replacement. Both times I was treated by Jennifer Connell. I don’t think there is a more competent, caring , and knowledgeable therapist than Jennifer. She helped me so much thru my recovery. She pushed me hard with her exercises, always changing them around to keep it interesting. She inspired me to keep up with her routine – even at home. She is a great asset to the company and profession.”

“Jen Connell is excellent. My appointments would go be so fast, but I always felt great and that my condition improved.”