Meet Our Partners

Each of our clinic locations are operated under the direction of a managing partner or clinic manager who are licensed physical therapists.  This ensures that you will receive the care and expertise you deserve, with the resources that a large company can provide. 

Dr. Steven Windwer, DC, PT
Founder & President

"Bay State Physical Therapy is a PT owned and operated company.  We have created an environment for therapist’s not only to work in a great organization but become part of it.  If you are a physical therapist dedicated to outstanding care to your patients and are looking for more than just a job, please inquire about becoming a partner with Bay State Physical Therapy."

Kara Alterio, PT
Partner since 1999 in Abington, Brockton Belmont St., Brockton Pearl St., Kingston & Randolph
"My desire to improve upon outpatient private physical therapy and become ingrained in the community which I serve was my inspiration to become a partner with Bay State Physical Therapy."

Adrian Blindt, PT
Partner since 2000 in Carver

"Bay State Physical Therapy has given me the independence to practice physical therapy the right way, focusing on 1 on 1 patient care without the conflicts that existed in previous jobs dealing with pressure from employers.  I have had the opportunity to work with like-minded therapists in building a company dedicated to quality patient care."

Cheryl Boudreau, MSPT
Partner since 2009 in Danvers

"Bay State gave me an opportunity to estabilish a patient-centered community practice with the backing and resources of a larger company.  Becoming a partner at Bay State has allowed me to grow as a clinician, a manager and a community patient advocate."


Bret Ferrell, MSPT
Partner since 2009 in Beverly & Salem
"I became a partner with Bay State Physical Therapy after spending 6 years as a staff therapist and clinical manager in Weymouth.  My partnership with Bay State has allowed me to open a clinic with the resources of a large company, while still having the autonomy to run a clinic that fits my treatment style" 

Barbara Kasa Barbara Kasa, DPT
Partner since 2014 in Stoughton




tim kileyTim Kiley, DPT
Partner since 2011 in South Boston
"I pursued a partnership with Bay State Physical Therapy because of their reputation in providing quality physical therapy in the various communities of Massachusetts. It has allowed me to pursue my passion towards treating patients with the backing and experience of a long established company."

renee lamalva          Renee LaMalva, DPT

jim marcotteJim Marcotte, MSPT
Partner since 2006 in ArlingtonMalden, Waltham
 "I became a partner with Bay State Physical Therapy because I saw an opportunity to align myself with an established successful company that had a mission consistent with my own and fostered individual professional growth."

Christopher J. Marshall, PT
Partner since 2006 in Cedarville
"The professional and personal satisfaction that comes from working with a company that strives to provide the best physical therapy care. Our commitment to continuing education of our staff and patients keeps us on the cutting edge of treatment techniques. Being a partner at Bay State Physical Therapy has allowed me the opportunity to grow a successful practice in our community."

Ryan Myers, DPT
Partner since 2014 in Norwell






matt rajotte Matt Rajotte, PT
Partner since 2004 in Attleboro, North Attleboro, & Taunton
"Bay State Physical Therapy allows me the ability to be able to continue to grow as a clinician and manager and to increase the quality of care for all the local patients 

Sean willoughby Sean Willoughby, PT
Partner since 2013 in Brockton Pearl St.
"I truly enjoy being a therapist and helping people return to their lives, work and play.  Partnering with Bay State has allowed me that while growing a clinic with the resources, knowledge and support of a larger company that is focused on quality.  Constantly growing and improving through our continuing education programs or interaction with other partners has been invaluable."