Alex Gustafson bay state physical therapy

Alexandra Gustafson, PT, DPT

Graduate: MGH Institute of Health Professions
My interest in PT school came through my love for sports. Originally, I believed I would be most interested in sports/orthopedic populations, until I was exposed to acute care. I spent my first year of professional experience at a Long-Term Acute Care, where I learned from some of the best therapists and people I am certain I will ever encounter. While at the LTAC, I was able to develop relationships with patients that went far beyond physical therapy. I learned how to approach the patient as a person, and understand what’s meaningful for them and their lives. Through these interactions, I realized that my passions and motivations are in empowering patients to become what they perceive to be their best self, and help them live the most meaningful life they can. This led me to reach out to a few of my peers, who ultimately led me down a road I will forever be grateful for, understanding pain science. Through my own understanding of pain science, and the profound impact sharing this education can be with patients, I firmly believe there is a way to restore meaning to each and every person’s life. Connecting with patients, meeting them where they are in their current lives, and supporting and empowering them to become what they are striving to become is at the heart of my clinical practice.

Through mentorships from experts in the field I hope to be able to implement this approach and allow people to regain their lives and flourish however they hope to. With the mentorship of Rob and my fellow PTs at Tewksbury, I hope to develop my manual therapy skills and grow into the best clinician I can be for my patients.

I grew up in Medford, MA, an only child with many, many cousins, who I have been lucky enough to develop my closest relationships. I had incredibly supportive parents and family network that supported me through my school and sports career. I studied Biology at Holy Cross where I competed on their Division I softball team, and I hope to some day become involved in the sport of softball again. I love to exercise in many different ways, and most recently have gotten into rock climbing. My love for sports started at the level of being an extreme Boston sports fan, which I still am to this day.