PT and PTA Career Opportunities

Hear What Our Employees Are Saying

"I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at Bay State Physical Therapy.  Working alongside the therapists at BSPT taught me more functional information about rehabilitation therapy than any class I have ever taken.   The best news is that BSPT hired me as a physical therapy aide for summer 2015.  Bay State Physical Therapy is a bright star on my resume and will shine brilliantly as I establish my name as DPT."

Calvin Chow, Bridgewater State University

"I finished my final clinical rotation, for Northeastern Univeristy, here at Bay State Physical Therapy in Weymouth. After finishing it I was hired as a PT. I have now been here for a little over three years, and have loved it here!

Working at Bay State has been an amazing experience! I started in 2012. First of all, my co-workers are amazing and we have become a close group. We have had many office outings including dinners, skiing, beach days, and weddings! Our atmosphere is always positive and upbeat; patients, therapists, and students are always interacting with each other and everyone appears to be relaxed and having a good time. We have an outstanding cross-referral system with the gym, helping to expand our patient population, and allowing us to develop many friendships with the trainers and WC staff. Here at the Weymouth office we also get diverse patient population with many different ages and diagnoses, keeping things interesting and busy at the same time. Our therapists are always helping each other and looking to refine their skills or learn new techniques.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with where I ended up. This job has allowed me to expand and improve upon my skills as a therapist. It has helped me develop greater interpersonal skills with patients of all of ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, etc. Working at Bay State has also helped me really understand the true meaning of compassion and being an advocate for those that are looking to get better!"

Dave Clarke, PT, DPT

"When I graduated from Northeastern in 2012 I interviewed with a few different PT clinics, but none of them peaked my interest. After interviewing at the Bay State Physical Therapy in Weymouth, I knew I had found the right fit for me. In the beginning, I was drawn to the great benefits that the company offered (quarterly continuing education, competitive salary, career development, mentoring opportunities) but I have stayed for the last 4 years because of the people that work here and the values that the company holds. Despite the fact that (at the time) Bay State PT had over 200 employees and 34 clinics, it still feels like a family (now with 50 clinics!). My co-workers are some of the best people I know, and I look forward to coming to work every day to see them."

Laura Chan, PT, DPT