Radiating pain

What is Radiating Pain?

If you are experiencing radiating pain into the shoulder, arm, or hand, the source of your trouble could be your neck or “cervical spine.” The nerves that supply sensation and movement to your upper extremities originate in your neck. These nerves exit from your spine on both sides of your body supplying the left and right sides respectively. Often with poor posture, poor alignment, muscle weakness or injury, the structure of the cervical spine can change. This can lead to a narrowing of the holes where the nerves exit from your spinal cord to the neck, shoulders, and upper extremities. These holes (foramen) depend on the proper alignment and movement of each vertebrae in your neck.

Symptoms often start off as an occasional tingling to certain areas of the shoulder, arm, or hand and can worsen to pain and numbness. Pain and numbness symptoms require medical attention, but most symptoms can be reduced quickly. However, the time it takes to reduce symptoms depends on how long and to the extent the symptoms have been occurring. If you are experiencing these symptoms, call Bay State Physical Therapy today for an appointment!

How physical therapy helps

Physical therapy is an important part of recovery from radiating shoulder, arm and hand pain. Often, there is a limitation in movement in the joints above or below the affected area causing the nerve to become compressed. Our physical therapists’ goals are to improve joint mobility, posture, and muscle strength, in order to restore support and stability to your neck. This reduces pressure on the affected nerve and allows it to heal and the symptoms to resolve. Call Bay State Physical Therapy today to discover how we can work with you to help resolve your radiating pain.