Laura Pempkowski, PT, DPT

Graduate: Northeastern University

Laura is a proud “double husky” earning both undergraduate and doctorate degrees in Rehabilitation Science and Physical Therapy, respectively, from Northeastern University. Laura enjoys problem solving the plethora of injuries seen in sports medicine, but the foot and knee are her favorites.  Laura has familiarity with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and patient learning styles from working with a varied patient population.  Her professional and personal interest in dance has been a consistent area of study throughout her physical therapy education and career. Laura is a member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) and has a certification in Ergonomic Assessment (CEAS). She highly values the increased perspective on rehabilitation gained by working with varied populations, which has allowed her to refine specific knowledge and treatment plans for all types of patients and diagnoses.

Laura’s approach to rehab design includes a heavy focus on motor plan reorganization. She employs manual techniques for soft tissue, myofascial, and bony structures. She utilizes effective movement cueing, identify ergonomic and habitual stressors, and prescribes individualized corrective exercises. By applying variable sensorimotor inputs for neuromuscular reconsolidation, her patients achieve improved performance and develop proper movement patterns. These elements culminate in a customized, realistically sustainable, and enjoyable therapy program.

Laura has been a hip-hop dancer for over 15 years and also enjoys yoga, rocking climbing and hiking.  Occasionally, Laura works as the PT for touring Broadway shows and at the American Repertory Theater at Harvard. Laura is also pursing specialized study in Hand Therapy and Pain Science. Laura is originally from Philadelphia, so yes, she is an Eagles fan! She also has a pet hedgehog named Barb!