Pelvic/Women’s Health

Designed with the specific health needs of women and men with pelvic dysfunction in mind, our Physical Therapists provide a comfortable and private environment in order to discuss the wide range of issues that individuals are faced with during their lifetimes. We provide specialized treatments in order to personalize your care to help you reach your goals.

What is Pelvic Rehabilitation?

Pelvic Rehabilitation is a type of Physical Therapy that focuses on the health of the pelvic floor muscles and its surrounding soft tissues and joints. Muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the pelvic area can become tight and/or weak, leading to a variety of painful or debilitating aliments that can affect your daily life. Our Physical Therapists will gather your medical history and perform a complete musculoskeletal examination that includes strength and flexibility measurements of the pelvis, hips, low back and surrounding areas to determine what specific type of treatment you will need.

What techniques are used?

Treatments may include but are not limited to: myofascial release, therapeutic exercise, Surface electromyography (sEMG), ultrasound, dry needling, postural training, bladder/bowel re-training, flexibility, core strengthening, TENS/e-stim, effleurage, lymphatic drainage.

What conditions can pelvic physical therapy treat?

  • Bowel and Bladder dysfunction: Urinary/fecal Incontinence, Urinary/Fecal urgency, Urinary/fecal Frequency, IBS, Constipation, Chronic infections, Interstitial Cystitis.
  • Pelvic Pain conditions: IC, IBS, Endometriosis, Adhesions, Vulvodynia, Vaginismus, Vestibulitis, Dyspareunia.
  • Pelvic organ Prolapse
  • Prenatal and postpartum care: Diastasis recti, Sacroiliac Pain, Incontinence, core weakness
  • Post surgical care: Hysterectomy, Prolapse repair, C-section, Breast or abdominal reconstruction, Scar tissue adhesions.
  • Lymphedema

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